Jack Neville with participants of our furniture workshop, photo: Florian Model
Container and Contained, 2015, photo: Frank Kleinbach
Jon Shit performance in the beergarden, photo: Florian Model
Montagsgruppe, Masken aus Papier, 2017, photo: Stephanie Bollinger-Casale
F.S.K., Zauber der Moderne, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, 2019, photography: Markus Milcke
ceramics workshop, photo: Frank Kleinbach

The Künstlerhaus Stuttgart is proud to receive its core support from the City of Stuttgart, and from the membership. We also rely on contributions and grants from local, regional, and federal arts funding organizations. When we seek out and accept private donations we always encourage those donors to become members, so that their financial support comes with all the additional benefits and responsibilities of active membership.

By joining the membership at any of the distinct levels of support offered, your financial contribution sustains and advances the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, so that it may continue to be a unique Stuttgart institution that houses workshop facilities and artist studios, while also presenting the most challenging art of our time through its exhibition program.


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