video still, Courtesy Oleg Kauz/Valentin Hennig
video still, Courtesy Oleg Kauz/Valentin Hennig
video still, Courtesy Oleg Kauz/Valentin Hennig

The well-equipped

silkscreen workshop

at Künstlerhaus offers users a professional-grade workshop for the production of silkscreens, T-Shirts, and other cloth prints. A large light table, exposure table, and printing table are available, as well as drying and storage racks and a high-pressure cleaning area. Screens can be borrowed for a small fee.

The workshop is accessible to users with previous experience in silkscreening. Those interested can inquire about an introductory tutorial with the workshop manager.


  • Manual printing table 100 x 140 cm
  • Four-color printing table for T-Shirts
  • Exposure equipment
  • Screen cleaning equipment
  • Light table
  • Drying racks


User fee

€12 / day (plus material)

Book workshop


Usage agreement



Workshop Manager

Jochen Detscher


Silkscreen courses for beginners

These courses are aimed at those interested in screen printing without prior knowledge who want to get to know screen printing in theory and practice, as well as at those returning to the field who want to refresh their knowledge. After a general introduction, screen prints are made in small format (DIN A3) and printed on paper or fabric on the hand printing table. The aim of the courses is to get to know the technology and to impart initial experience with screen printing in practice. Only water-soluble paints are used in the courses.


Course including workshop fee and material 165 euros (2 to 5 participants, 2 appointments, total duration approx. 9 hours)


Inquiries and registration with Jochen Detscher at