The Supporters,

The Supporters envisions a system of dependency that places each entity (Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Kunstverein Nürnberg, and Galerie Max Mayer) in a looping circuit ofdonations that implies flows of reciprocal demands and compensations. Negotiations took place between 2019 and 2021. The envisaged scenarios were confronted with legal, ethical and interest impediments. An agreement is signed in extremis.

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart:
Kunstverein Nuremberg:
Galerie Max Mayer:

Actors: Bastien Bruère, Nino Wassmer
Assistant Director: Thomas Tourtelier
Director Of Photography: Naïg Gilbert
Assistant Camera: Rodolphe Deshardillier
Set Makers: David Post-Kohler, Elie Roesch
Editors: Thomas Tourtelier, Eva Barto
Color grading: Rodolphe Deshardillier
Video produced at DOC ! Paris
Assistant Project Production: Cloé Beaugrand
Production Intern: Marianne Veyron

Lawyers: Bauschke Braueuer
Painting by François Mark


Eric Golo-Stone, Max Mayer, Milan Ther
Siggi Kalnbach, Regine Pfisterer, Antonia Terhedebrügge, Thomas Weise

Roy Huschenbeth, Nicole Trzeja
Ann-Kathrin Eickhoff, Robert Müller, Peter Naumann,
Reiner Allgeier, Jacob Braeuer

Thomas Tourtelier, Cloé Beaugrand, Naïg Gilbert, Rodolphe Deshardillier, Nino Wassmer, Bastien Bruère, David Posth-Kohler, Elie Roesch, Marianne Veyron, François Mark

Sophie Bonnet-Pourpet, Angeline Madaghdjian, Louise Siffert, Claire Finch, Barbara Quintin, Laure Vigna, DOC !

Galerie Max Mayer
Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg
Institut Français «With the kind support of the Bureau des arts plastiques of the French Institute and the French Culture Minister»