In the letterpress workshop, wood and linoleum cuts up to 50 x 70 cm can be created, as well as monoprints and heliogravure. In two hot metal typesetting units with font sizes from 6-48 points, texts, justifications, continuous text, and rag texts can be set from poems or short texts. The workshop is equipped with various manual presses as well as a reproduction camera for heliogravure, offering unique possibilities to try classical letterpress techniques.

Workshop users should have prior experience with letterpress.


  • 2 hot metal typesetting unites
  • 2 FAG manual presses
  • Knee press

User fee: €10 / day

Workshop manager
Reinhard Ruck

photo: Frank Kleinbach


Children’s Workshop

The children’s workshop is located just around the corner from Künstlerhaus at Augustenstraße 67b. Every weekday afternoon, children from all over Stuttgart between the ages of 3 and 11 meet in small groups to do guided art projects. Under supervision of a team of artist-educators, experiments are fostered with materials and techniques in a free and playful manner. The children’s workshop offers a forum for the next generation of artists and artlovers, a place where children can have social interactions and make friends.

Workshop manager
Stephanie Bollinger

photo: Frank Kleinbach



The video workshop has a Media 100 editing system, used for post-production in film and televion productions. Our facilities include a Mac G4 with Media 100 hardware and software Version 8.5. For those with prior knowledge of other video editing programmes, Media 100 is easy to learn. All users of the video workshop should have basic knowledge of MAC OS X and some video editing experience.

We regularly offer weekend workshops where the fundamentals of video editing are introduced. Per request, we also offer workshops on specialized programmes like Boris Graffiti, an excellent titling programme included in Media 100.


  • 1 iMac 20” OS X, 4G RAM, 2,66 GHz mit Final Cut Pro HD und Avid Media Composer
  • Playback devices: Betacam, Mini DV, VHS, S-VHS, HI 8, U-matic, DVD-Player Sony DCR-VX 2100E SD-Kamera

User fee: €10 / day

Workshop manager
Ronald Kolb


  • Video workshops

    Dates for workshops in Final Cut and support for projects can be arranged individually with the workshop manager Ronald Kolb.


In the well-equipped film workshop, Künstlerhaus offers everything necessary for small and medium-sized film productions. Our goal is to support the making of No- and Low-budget productions, included by offering equipment rental at low prices, easy access to technical equipment, and large workplaces for independent groups and individuals.


  • Arriflex Super16 SR camera
  • Zeiss Zoom lenses
  • Zeiss lenses 9,5/12/16/25mm
  • Crosziel Follow focus
  • Nagra sound recorder
  • Steenbeck editing table
  • Hmi spot lights
  • Artificial spot lights
  • Kinoflo neon lamp set
  • Dedolight lamp set
  • Tripods and other equipment

User fee (editing table): €10 / day
Renting fees on request

Workshop manager
Lutz Reitemeier

photo: Manu HarmsSchlaf


  • Film courses

    Introductions to the workshop, courses in cutting and dates for borrowing equipment can be arranged individually with the workshop manager Lutz Reitemeier.



The lithography workshop is well equipped to create artistic works on lithography stones (Solenhofener limestone). Works can be made with chalk or ink drawings, as well as direct transfers. Prior to use, the lithostones must first be sanded in a separate preparation room. Stones are available in formats from 20 x 30 cm to 50 x 70 cm. Prints are made on a manual press. Ink rollers and newsprint are available.

Workshop users should have prior experience with lithography. Those interested in learning basic lithography can inquire with workshop manager Michael Wackwitz to make an appointment.


  • Milanese lithography manual press (85 x 110 cm)
  • Lithography stones
  • Sanding sinks
  • Ink rollers
  • Moving trolley

User fee: €8 / day

Workshop manager
Michael Wackwitz

photo: Frank Kleinbach


  • Lithography courses

    Dates for introductions, courses, project support, experimental lithography and production print can be arranged with the workshop manager Michael Wackwitz.


The facilities of the etching workshop offer possibilities in common etching techniques such as aquatint, soft-ground, and relief etching. There are two separate printing rooms and an acid room. Users have access to two presses as well as drying racks. In the acid room there are acid baths and a resin box for plates up to 50 x 50 cm. Additionally, there are ink rollers, printing felt, etching needles, and various other equipment and materials.

Workshop users should have a basic knowledge of etching techniques.


  • Electrical press, 80 cm wide
  • Wheel press, 42 cm wide
  • Dust box
  • Acid room

User fee: €8 / day

Workshop manager
Hendrik Fleck

Workshop assistan manager
Georg Ozory

photo: Manu HarmsSchlaf


  • Open workshop

    “Open workshop” every Tuesday from 5–8pm. The Open workshop is especially for advanced etcher. Please enrol in advance!

    Please contact Hendrik Fleck

  • Introductory course

    The introductory course offers the possibility to familiarize oneself with the workshop and the diverse techniques of etching, such as drypoint, line block, soft-ground etching, and aquatint. By experimenting with and exploring the technique, participants can produce and print small etchings. While working independently, participants are individually supported in technical matters.

    The course starts on a Thursday evening with a short historical introduction, followed by taking a closer look at several original works and thus exploring various etching techniques. In preparation for Saturday we can discuss sketchbooks/drawings/ideas etc. that participants may bring along and consider possibilities for realizing them in print.

    This course is meant as an introductory and refresher course. Subsequently, participants can use the workshop on appointment.

    Participants: min. 2, max. 6 people
    Costs: €130 (incl. material and workshop fee)
    Registration: Hendrik Fleck



The black and white photo laboratory offers ideal conditions for professional black and white photography. Facilities include two professional enlargers for small format, 6 x 6 cm, 6 x 9 cm, 13 x 18 cm and 4 x 5 inch formats, as well as a continuous feed developer making it possible to realize all aspects of black and white photography. With the digital multigrade function, development can be precisely adjusted. For Baryt prints, there is a traditional Baryt dry processor.


  • Beseler black and white enlarger with digitial multigrade function
  • Fujimoto black and white enlarger
  • Continuous feed developer 120 cm
  • Dry presses
  • Various technical equipment

User fee: €8 / day

Workshop manager
Manu HarmsSchlaf

photo: Frank Kleinbach


  • Black/white analogue photography

    Photography – painting with light (phos = light, graphein = to paint (Greek))

    The course is aimed at people who want to get to know analog photography, and deepen their knowledge.

    • basic rules of analogue photography
    • portrait exercise with setting the main light (1 light, artificial light), light and shadow
    • pictorial design / composition
    • analyses and discussion of content (image, character, flood of pictures, eye-catcher, etc.)

    Dates: four times a year, Saturdays, 2–6pm

    Participants: max. 3 people
    Costs: €95 (incl. workshop fee)
    Workshop: Künstlerhaus, 1st floor
    Instructor: Manu HarmsSchlaf, photographer / Künstlerhaus photography workshop manager
    Registration: Manu HarmsSchlaf or info@kuenstlerhaus.de


  • Darkroom/photo laboratory

    This course addresses participants who want to get to know the process from producing the negative to the finished positive/paper print using the technique of analog (i.e. original) photography.

    • Introduction to working in the darkroom
    • Manual production of black and white photos
    • Production of photograms
    • Production of b/w contact prints
    • Production of b/w photo prints
    • Magnification 13 x 18, 18 x 24, 24 x 30 cm of b/w small and medium format or sheet film negative

    Dates: once a month, Saturdays, 26pm

    Participants: max. 3 people
    Costs: €95 (incl. photographic paper, chemicals and workshop fee)
    Workshop: Künstlerhaus, 1st floor
    Instructor: Manu HarmsSchlaf, photographer / Künstlerhaus photography workshop manager
    Registration: Manu HarmsSchlaf or info@kuenstlerhaus.de



The sound studio opens up for recording of speech, instruments, foley, and sounds. High-class production can be realised with a selection of different microphones. It is also possible to mix and master digital multitrack projects (AMF, AAF). A Stereo-XXX or a multi canal XXX can be used at the direction as XXX. The audio workshop also provides a 12 sqm studio-recording-box which is supplied with fresh air and electricity. This allows to record without disturbing sounds from outside respectively is it possible to play back loud acoustic sources soundproof for recordings.


  • 21” Intel iMac, recording software ProTools and Garageband
  • 27” LED Monitor
  • 24 canal analog mixing desk
  • 8/8 Interface Motu 828 MKII
  • 16/4 Multicore Stagebox
  • 4 canal earphones amp / distributor NeoAmp
  • Div. analog effects (Exciter, Reverb, …)
  • Div. play devices (DAT, LP, ribbon machines)
  • Drum kid microphoning (7 microphones)
  • Membrane microphones with spider, acoustic noise absorber and Plop protection
  • Shure 57, 58
  • Div. dynamic microphones
  • 3,6 x 3,4 x 2,2 m studio-recording-box with glass front and door

User fee: €10 / day

Workshop manager

Otto Kränzler

photo: Frank Kleinbach



The well-equipped silkscreen workshop at Künstlerhaus offers users a professional-grade workshop for the production of silkscreens, T-Shirts, and other cloth prints. A large light table, exposure table, and printing table are available, as well as drying and storage racks and a high-pressure cleaning area. Screens can be borrowed for a small fee.

The workshop is accessible to users with previous experience in silkscreening. Those interested can inquire about an introductory tutorial with the workshop manager.


  • Manual printing table 100 x 140 cm
  • Four-color printing table for T-Shirts
  • Exposure equipment
  • Screen cleaning equipment
  • Light table
  • Drying racks

User fee: €12 / day

Workshop manager
Jochen Detscher

photo: Manu HarmsSchlaf


  • Silkscreen introductory/refresher course

    This course is addressed to people who, without any previous knowledge, are interested in familiarizing themselves with the basic theory and practice of silkscreening, but it is also meant for participants who want to refresh their skills. Following a general introduction, simple small-sized silkscreens (DIN A3) will be produced and printed on the manual printing table. This course aims to introduce participants to the technique of silkscreening and offers them a first practical experience. In this course we only use water-based paint.

    Participants: min. 2, max. 6 people
    Costs: €165 (inclusive material, fee and machines)

    Registration: Jochen Detscher


  • Supervised silkscreening

    Individual dates can be arranged with the respective instructor:
    Jochen Detscher




In the ceramics workshop, users can create ceramic objects, wall images or enamel tiles, work with the pottery wheel, or experiment with techniques in glazing.

After an introduction with workshop manager Yvette Hoffmann, independent work is encouraged. The use of the workshop can be arranged by day, by appointment. Materials such as clay, glaze or other necessary materials can be purchased directly in the workshop.


  • 2 pottery wheels
  • User fee: €8 / day

Workshop manager
Yvette Hoffmann

photo: Frank Kleinbach


  • Ceramics workshop courses

    “Open workshop” every Tuesday from 6–10pm. Everyone who is interested in ceramics is welcome to come by and use the workshop under guidance. Please enrol in advance!

    Individual courses at the pottery wheels (min. 2 persons) and individual advanced courses (mind. 5 persons) may be offered by the workshop manager. Please contact Yvette Hoffmann.